Lvivo 38 International Invited Architectural Competition 2nd Stage Submissions

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2nd stage participant #1: CUBE

The urban composition, which is formed by the buildings on the right bank of the river, is visually evident in the layout and the multiplanarity of the hill when viewed from the city center. The layout and perspective multiplicity of the building groups reinforces the visual perception of the volume of the ‘hill’. The composition of the designed building is chosen considering the third plan of the Urban Hill elevation, when viewed from the city. It fills the gap between the residential building “Arfa” on the west side and the 33-storey office building which is the main accent of the urban hill. Viewed from the left bank of the river, the building is divided into two parts in order to emphasize the slenderness of the building and not to dissonate disturbingly in terms of scale with the existing buildings that form “The Urban Hill”. The building’s functional layout and volume composition are designed by two vertical parts of 26 and 29 storey (105 m and 115 m height respectively) that are shifted in relation to each other and oriented towards the city center, from which the main view of the Urban Hill is taken. The façade division is dominated by a square subdivision, which allows the flexible design of premises with different functions. The filling of the squares is a light reflective glass, which is also used to cover the blind parts of the building. Thus, the façades of the different functions are merged in the design of the building to form a unified architectural expression of the building’s exterior. The building provides three functions. On the ground floor, a lobby with common areas such as cafes, commercial space and technical premises are designed. A ramp is provided in the western part of the building for access to the underground, 3-storey car parking. On 2 to 4 and on 6 to 14 floors, administrative premises are located, and 15 to 29 floors locate apartments. The 5th floor is dedicated to the common area for the building users.

By widening the narrow space between the building and Lviv Street, the second floor is cantilevered over the first floor. This creates a cozy space with café-restaurant outdoor furniture and common seating areas underneath the building’s cantilever. At the intersection of Lviv and May 3 streets, an entrance to the building is designed under cantilevered part of the building, forming a plaza that visually connects with the public space in front of the office building on the opposite side of the street.

CUBE panels

Explanatory note

Explanatory note CUBE

2nd stage participant #2: VILNIUS’ STEPS


The aim of the project is to realize high quality housing and comfortable working spaces where the wellbeing of the dwellers and users is the first goal. Secondly, the building itself will be a sustainable and iconic addition to the Vilnius skyline and the Urban Hill concept of the CBD. And finally, the project will add liveliness to the cityscape of the business district by providing public and commercial program on the ground floor and the other publicly accessible floors of the building.

The location in the heart of Vilnius’ business district is very special. The building sits in the middle of a large area that undergoes a huge transformation at the moment. Many buildings in the direct surroundings are under construction, others are in the planning phase. Therefore, our project shows maximum respect for its surroundings (present and future) and aims to be a contemporary, but contextual addition to the city. In essence, the building presents itself in the context as a simple volume fitting within the boundaries of the zoning plan envelope. But subtle transformations or setbacks in the west and south facades result in a contextual and intriguing volume matching the scale and size of surrounding buildings. Where the shape of the building changes, we offer attractive inbetween levels with different (public or collective) programs, charging the city not only on street level, but offering “action” also on the upper levels of the building. Because of the different steps that change the buildings’ shape, the final volume of the project refers to surrounding buildings in height and mass. Like this our proposal relates to the high-rise buildings around but also to the street scape of the CBD.


Explanatory note

Explanatory note VILNIUS’ STEPS